Introduction: Rustic Union Jack Flag

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I see lots of Wooden American Flags out there, but not many Union Jacks. My wife is from England, so I made both. You can see my American Flag project HERE, but this Instructable is all about the Union Jack.

Watch my video to see the basic steps for building this flag. Click here to get the FREE plan from my website. Then, follow this Instructable to make one yourself.

Supplies: 1x10 pine boards, wood glue, stain/paint, brush, paper towels, spray adhesive, sandpaper

Step 1: Cut the Boards

Cut the three pieces that make up the center cross. Cut four identical rectangles for the corner panels. Measurements are in my plan.

Step 2: Cut the Stripes and Triangles

Use spray adhesive to attach the cutting templates to the corner panels. Since the paper is too small, use a straight edge to extend the cut lines. I used an Olsen #3 Reverse 12.5 TPI blade on my scroll saw to make the cuts. Remove the paper templates - mineral spirits can help. Oh, and don't mix up the pieces!

Step 3: Round Over the Edges

This step is optional. I used an 1/8" round over bit in my trim router to round over the front edges. This adds some definition to the pieces and helps to hide wavy cuts. Don't round over the connection points of the main cross, as pointed out by the green circles I drew on the image. That makes for a smoother transition.

Step 4: Torch the Wood

This step is also optional. I used a propane blow torch to add some rustic goodness and bring out some wood grain. Be sure to get the edges that will be visible. Practice on a scrap piece first, because it's easy to over do this and burn the wood too much.

Step 5: Apply Stain or Paint

I used Scarlet Red and True Blue Minwax Tintable Water-Based Stain from Lowes. Grab two cans off the shelf and take them to the paint mixing counter to ask them to mix these custom colors for you. (These colors are only available at Lowes for some strange reason.) Brush on the stain and wipe off the excess.

Step 6: Assembly

I used a large square that I built just for assembling flags. Carefully turn the flag over keeping all of the parts in the correct places. BE CAREFUL - IT IS REALLY EASY TO MESS UP AND GLUE SOMETHING BACKWARDS!!! Start in the lower-right corner and glue the pieces together by putting a small bead of glue on the edges. Use less glue than you think you need because you don't want it squeezing out everywhere. Cut four braces and glue and nail them onto the back in spots where they will overlap a lot of the parts.

Step 7: Finished!

This Union Jack turned out looking great! It does remind me of those Def Leppard shorts though. I always wanted some of those. God save the Queen!