Introduction: Rustic Wooden Mallet

This easy process will tell you how to make a wooden mallet for woodworking with very basic tools, and in a short amount of time. This was made in the woods with only the tools on hand and will be a robust tool, coming in hand in the workshop.


-Log (desired length and diameter of mallet)

-Hand saw


-Knife or drawknife

-Linseed oil

Step 1: Selecting a Log

select a piece of wood that you want to start with. It needs to be the length you desire the mallet to be. Cutting it to length with the saw if necessary. Make sure the diameter of the log is slightly larger than you want so you can remove the bark and achieve your desired diameter.

Step 2: Shaping the Mallet

Put a radius on the top of the mallet head with the hatchet .
Then put a notch in the log at wherever you want the separation of mallet head and handle but don't cut all the way through. Cut about 1/4 of the way thru all the way around.
Once this Notch is cut you can use the hatchet to thin down the log from the notch to the end of the log, on the handle side, until you reach a desired diameter that fits comfortably in the hand. Once this diameter is roughly achieved use the knife or drawknife to get a more rounded handle so its a more comfortable fit.

Step 3: Removing Bark

Once the mallet is at the desired shape and feel you can remove the bark off the head with a drawknife or knife. For the personal touch you can carve your initials in it by drawing them on the mallet head and removing the bark around it, leaving the lines for your initials.

Once the the shaping and carving on the mallet is complete apply oil to the mallet to increase its lifespan. Soak a rag with a little oil and apply it to all surfaces. Once all surfaces are covered wipe off excess. Reapply oil as needed as you use the mallet. So you can use it for many projects in the future.