Introduction: Ryobi Sander Shop Vac Adapter

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I have a large selection of Ryobi 18V tools. And one of them is the 1/4 sheet sander. I also have a HD "Bucket Head" shop vac. I like the "Bucket Head" for sanding because it is light weight, portable, powerful enough and has a large capacity for sawdust. But to fit the 1-1/4" hose to the Ryobi is a problem.

The solution, in another Instructable, here: was to 3D print one. Well, of all the toys I have, a 3D printer just isn't one. And since you can not purchase (to my knowledge) an adapter, I decided to make one!


If you don't have a shop vac: Home Depot Buckethead

And of course, the Bucket, or you can choose most any brand of 5 gal. bucket.

The included 4 ft. hose is just too short, so a Shop Vac 8 ft. hose is needed. Since this setup requires 1-1/4" on both ends of the hose, pull the end off the 4 ft Bucket Head hose and remove the 2-1/2" end from the Shop Vac 8 ft. hose, and pop on the 1-1/4" end giving you dual 1-1/4" ends.

1-1/4" Round Brush, like this:

Some glue or epoxy


Step 1: This Is What You Start With

Start by removing the ineffective dust bag.

Next, pry the bag off the plastic cage with a flat blade screwdriver.

Step 2: Get Out Your Hacksaw!

Carefully cut the plastic cage away from the solid base of the adapter.

Step 3: Some More Precision Hacksawing!

Carefully cut along the indicated white line, which will produce a stub of an adapter.

Step 4: Adapter Assembly

Install the original adapter onto the sander. Slide the stub adapter into the original adapter. Mark the distance the stub adapter protrudes from the end of the original adapter. Remove stub adapter.

Apply glue or epoxy to the outside of the cut end of the stub adapter. Slide the cut end of the stub adapter into the cut side of the original adapter only as far as your mark. Let the glue harden.

The 2nd image shows what it looks like from the sander's perspective.

Step 5: Finished Adapter

Install finished adapter onto the sander as shown.

Step 6: Install Your Shop Vac Hose

Insert the 1-1/4" shop vac hose into the finished adapter. You are now ready for "mostly" dustless sanding!

Note that this adapter will fit most other Ryobi tools with the same little ineffective dust bag.