Introduction: S U N Cooker

The dimensions: Width 35 X Length 35 X Height 33 centimeters

Hello. Nowadays many people tend to beware of the energy consumption. The use of natural energy is playing a big role in our life. This project I try to use the sun light to cook food, so I make the sun light cooker. It is easy to use and safe to cook with, just like you baking foods, I cooked on the cloudy day and the temperature get up to + - 90 C. That is not bad, you need to cook for the longer time. I cooked for about 2.5 hours. (As pictures; Eggs and rice w/ chicken). The sun cooker made from the square plywood box and a metal box inside with aluminum foil insulation. The idea is to filter the sun light through the glass and use reflected sun light of the mirror to heat the metal box. It’s portable, light weight, easy to open, close the cover, and to adjust the mirror to get sun light.

Supplies that you need to do the “Sun cooker” project.

1. Plywood (12 millimeter thickness).

2. Hard wood or any kinds of wood (For the glass frame).

3. Some branches for the handle, legs, and others.

4. Sheet of metal (3 millimeter thickness or less).

5. Cardboard, windshield sun shade (Aluminum foil), two sided tape, wood glue, all purpose glue, and scotch tape.

6. Sheet of glass, mirror, black spray paint, screw, and hinges.

Step 1: Cut Plywood, Make Plywood's Box

First you need to cut the plywood 35 X 35 centimeter 1 piece, 30 X 35 centimeter 1 piece, 20 X 35 centimeter 1 piece, and 30 X 37 centimeter 2 pieces and also trim off at the angle (one side 20 and 30 centimeter in height). Next you need to attach all sizes to the base. By start from the front and the back side (Look at the drawing) apply wood glue on the edges and then use the screw in at the top and bottom end. Then do the left and the right side (Same process). The plywood’s box should be done. You can use sand the edge off to make it smooth.

Step 2: Cut & Welding Metal's Box

Now you need to cut metal, you can use plasma cutter or grinder to cut some shape of pieces likes plywood’s box, but leaves the space around all size about 1 centimeter. After that you need to tack all of the metal to the bottom plate and make the good welding seams attach on each side, don’t leave a big gap. (Make sure less gap or space between the sides, if possible). The heat will spread evenly on all sides. After you finish making into the box, clean with cloth, then spray black paint inside and outside the box. Let it dry.

Step 3: Make Wood Frame for Glass and Mirror

Time to make the wood frame for the glass top cover. First you need to cut the wood 2.5 X 37 centimeter 4 pieces (You should cut it a bit longer, so you can trim off later). Now you need to use router to make a groove at the same thickness of the glass. I use 4 millimeter thickness of glass. Next you need to cut each end at 45 degree angle all 4 pieces (Make sure the dimensions are right, measure at the top of the plywood’s box). When you attach the wood frame to the glass, do it 1 side at the time by apply wood glue at the corner and use the air nail gun at the edges. (Make sure that you pre fitting before). Now attach the opening frame w/ glass to the plywood’s box by using the hinges and attach a piece of the stopper on the side next to the hinges. So the opening frame will stop in the open position. Then you attach the lid on the top, that can be open and close, cut the mirror to sizes and use glue to attach on the inside opening lid cover (For adjust the angle of the sun light to the metal’s box inside).

Step 4: Make Legs, Handle, and Other

Now you need to cut branches about 1 1/4 inches in diameter. To make into the handles, legs, and knobs. Cut the branch to sizes, and you apply the wood glue at the leg before attach the leg at the bottom of the box by using the screw from the inside (Do all 4 legs). Next is to attach the wood handle to the side, but this time you need to drill from the branch into the plywood’s box (For the other side you can left from the wood frame stopper). Then attach the metal adjustable to the opening lid by using the screw and add little branch for the spacer. Next is to use the all purpose glue attach the small branch to the end of the screw. Now you can spray clear finishing on the plywood’s box and wood frame.

Step 5: Add Insulation

The last thing is to do some insulation inside the plywood’s box. First you need to cut cardboard the same height as the metal’s box (All 4 sides and the bottom piece). Now you cut the windshield sun shade (Aluminum foil) into 5 pieces, same sizes as the cardboard pieces. Then use the two sided tape attach to the aluminum foil to the cardboard pieces. Now place all the cardboard pieces inside the plywood’s box and put the metal’s box inside. It should works as the insulation to keep the metal’s box hot longer. Now let start cooking.

Special Thank: Mr. Sakorn , Mr. Noom

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