Introduction: S107G & U813C Helicopter Controller Battery Mod

So, today I'm doing a instructable on how to change your S107G & U813C Helicopter controller battery compartment from using 6 AA batteries to one 9 volt battery. I wanted something that was lighter. And along with looking all over the internet I found nothing on how to do this.
Let's get started. Items needed
                                          Soldering Iron
                                          Solder, flux
                                          9 volt battery, and a connector with or with out wire leads
                                          about 4 inches or so, of wire.
                                          Needle nose pliers
First I took the needle nose pliers and broke one of the AA battery sections off the battery compartment making room for the 9v battery.
Secondly I soldered the wires onto my 9v connector because mine didn't come with leads. next, I soldered the wires on the correct battery terminals in the controller. And then your done. Just hook up the battery, turn on the controller, if it powers up then, close up the battery compartment.