The Safari Meditation Lamp is a one of kind lamp that embraces the learning aspects of Laser cutting and also doubles up as evening mood setter.In my case it comes as handy tool as i venture through my ancestral home in Nyanza,Kenya. Visiting my Grandfather through the years he ensure i got some diy skills on making lanterns from recycled soda cans.

Being a hobist, i had to also introduce him to new idea that involved what i had learned in school i.e CAD and Lasercutting.

The steps are precise and are aided by external references that i had earlier done.


Step 1: Creating the Design Using CAD.

2D Softwares you'll need:

  1. Corel Draw
  2. Inkscape

After ideation and sketching i started off in Inkscape,It has a very handy plugin that actually creates finger joints for you after which i moved on to Corel draw where i added in the artwork.

The main part of CAD Design is designing for Lasercutting and with the help of Easy-Laser's guide i was able to prepare my design for lasercutting.

Step 2: Materials You'll Need:


3mm Blue Acryllic Sheet (4*4ft)

3mm Soft Orange Acryllic Sheet (4*4ft)

Yellow Vinyl (2 Meters)


FullSpectrum PROLF 36*24 lasercutter

Roland G24 VinylCutter

Acryllic Blade

Xacto Knife

Glue Gun

Glue Stick

CorelDraw Files

Power plug

Power Cord


Step 3: Fabrication Options and Application

(a).Laser cutting.

FullSpectrum PROLF 36*24 is the model of the laser cut i used in this project.

CAUTION: Ensure Both personal and machine safety while working with the laser cutter.

Laser cutting has three vital terms as i learnt namely:Raster Engraving,Vectoring and Cutting .All which i demonstrated on the lamp.

(b).Vinyl Cutting.

I used the Sticker to create the yellow shade on the Surface.

Here is my guide on how to use the lasercutter and the vinyl cutter.Feel free to ask for help incase something is not clear.

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