Introduction: SAFE?, a Robot That Save Belongings.

Hi and Welcome to this instructable!.

The Robot: SAFE? could be a cool as you want create it.

This friendly robot as well you know, could make us the favor of save our belongings. Futhermore, in this version of SAFE? we couldn't determinate that is 100% secure, so please →don't try to save money.

Whithout more to say, let's recycle and make it!.

Step 1: Materials


We need use Jumper cables :

  • Male to Female ->Use it to connect the sensor HC-SR04 & Led.
  • Male to Male -> the others components.

Step 2: Create the Body

Make sure in cutting part, left space to insert:

  • Ultrasonic sensor.
  • Led
  • Arduino, protoboard & baterry (advisable do it in the above box)
  • Servomotors (below box).

*As our objective is also recycle thus each measure of the box will vary.

Step 3: Download the Resources

Currently there are two templates (Man, Woman) that you can use to decorate your SAFE?, these templates are in archive "Print.rar".

To use the template, you could use the following steps:

  1. Unzip the archive.
  2. Then you'll see two carpets: -Man -Woman. Clink in anyone.
  3. You'll find two images in format: .png.
  4. Open a program like MS Word and edit the size.
  5. print it.

Step 4: Connection & Assembly


  • Pin 12 - Right Servo.
  • Pin 10 - Left Servo.
  • Pin 9 - Trigpin (Sensor).
  • Pin 8 - Echo (Sensor).
  • Pin 13 - Led.


  • Sensor HC-SR04.
  • Led.
  • Servomotors.
  • Arduino.
  • Protoboard.
  • Battery.


  • Code.ino


Step 5: Hands

The measure of each hands will depend of the size of the blank space ubicated in the below box, so is recommendly calculate the metering to cover all the space possibly with the two hands (see the templates).


  • Hands template.
  • Ice cream stick.
  • cardboard.
  • Glue

*Note: In the final step of the image, you need to procure that both hands don't touch each other. So, try to put a servomotor more inside that the another one.

Step 6: Finish the Robot

Now, is the moment to:

  • Paint it!
  • Rename it!.
  • Try it! ;)

Finally, I hope that SAFE? will be useful for you.

Please, let your comment. Have a nice day!.


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