Introduction: S.B.A.R (Straigh-pull Bolt Action Rifle)

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So I have succumb to my brain boggling idea thay I needed to make another semi realistic action in a new gun.. so I went to a straight pull bolt action rifle and came.up with this monstrosity (don't mind the looks, I don't have much K'nex left).
- Straight-pull bolt
- Internal 6 round mag
- Block trigger
- Top loading
- Occasionally the bolt will seize, but the firing pin can move freely so fixing a jam is easy.

Step 1: Bolt Closed

This is not a complete 'ible, I literally finished building this thing at 3am and wanted to see what people thought.

The Gun uses an open/closed bolt mechanism, where in this particular gun there is a sleeve that moves part of the barrel back and forth.

Pictures in the step are the bolt in the closed position, ready for prime.

Step 2: Bolt Open

Looking at the photos in the previous step you can note the different positions the bolt/sleeve has when the action is primed. It does make loading a bit tricky, but you can either load from the top, or pull the mag pusher out and load from the bottom.

Step 3: Primed and Ready to Fire.

That's pretty much it, mechanism has done it's job and it's good to go. You can't pull the bolt out of the gun as I haven't got enough pieces to makw that a part of the mech. But it does habe enough travel to load and fire the gun uaing the bolt sled.