Introduction: SCARECROW! Fastest Last Minute Costume - Coffee Sack (burlap Bag)

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My son wanted a different costume one hour before trick or treating... so we cut up a burlap sack and turned him into a scarecrow. A lot of impact for how easy it is!! Inspired a bit off of Batman's scarecrow.


  • Old Coffee sack burlap bag
  • scissors
  • brown acrylic paint
  • Hot Glue Optional for added dimension

Step 1:

I cut off the corner of a coffee sack after measuring it on my sons head. I then cut 2 small eye holes and a small mouth hole for breathing. I painted some "stitching" and a little shadow around the eyes. I also drew the stitches on with hot glue and painted them again for added 3D texture.

Step 2:

Throw on a flannel shirt and use a little more burlap around the sleeves and you've got yourself a scarecrow. Note, I also used some of the burlap cording to loosely tie the mask onto his head. This mask worked great since he wears glasses and it ballooned leaving a lot of room for his face.

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