Introduction: SCARY CLOWN

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Create a Scary Clown in 123D Creature or download my Scary Clown from the community.

Step 1: Create New Creature.

Open 123D Creature and select ‘Create New’. It opens with a figure, to select the Create, Move, and Shape buttons you can make another form. 
Move: you can change the form
Create: you can add more points or delete points
Shape: is for more or less volume
I did not use the other ones.

Step 2:

Move the figure around and give it the form from the picture. When you are done select ‘Bake Skeleton’. Your moving to the next fase.

Step 3: Creature Ready for Detailing.

After the ‘cooling down’ start with Sculpt. You have the following options:
Sculpt Out: putting ‘clay’ on.
Sculpt In: removing ‘clay’
Smooth: making the surface smooth
Sharpen: Sharps edge
Flatten: speeks for itselfs
Grab: Grab and pull out or in

Step 4:

Start with the ‘Grab‘ tool to pull the form in and out. Experiment with the Brush Size  and Brush Strength. Try to get more form into the model.

Step 5:

When you have the overall form and you want to have more detail, you can experiment with the other tools. If the form is looking strange, you might want to try ‘Smooth’

Step 6:

Let me tell you a bit more.
The teeth: ‘Sculpt In’ next to the teeth, ‘Sculpt Out’ on the teeth then ‘Sharpen the edges.
The hair :‘Sculpt In’ the lines and then ‘Sharpen’ the line is then sharp.
I use the ‘Sharpen’ on the nose wing, the groove close to the nose, the eyes.

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9: Facepaint the Clown.

If the shape is finished then you can use color to make the clown look scary.
If the shape is not yet done, don’t worry. You can always shape the model with the color already on it.

Go to ‘Paint’. I put a base on the model: first white and then purple and pink overlapping.
Paint with ‘Paint Brush’ the full colors and ‘Air Brush’ the shadow and highlight parts.
You can use other colors if you like.

Save your work. You can share your work with the community now.

You can download the Scary Clown from the community, if you cannot make it yourself. The download is now in your ‘My Projects’ you can give it some other colors and shape.

Step 10:

When you are finished you can 3D print the file. For example by iMaterialise in color or in a paintable resin. Or you can make a cartboard print if you load the file into 123D Make.
Hope you have fun with it.

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    Halloween is about creativity and you got it!
    Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? I made mine out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)