Introduction: SCARY FINGER CUT

Most scary and Halloween design of trick which can make you feel a real cut on your finger. It can be modified or implemented on any part of body i.e on neck, on nose etc. which will add a extreme view. It is very easy to build using daily items or parts at home.


-Razor blade


-Marker pen

- Red ink or blood from chicken shop

Step 2: STEPS:

1- Take a half part of razor blade.

2- Draw the approx half circle sized of finger which can fit perfectly on finger using marker pen.

3- Cut the market area using scissor.

4- Check the blade by placing on finger, if need any correction then correct it.

5- It is all done, apply red ink or blood so as it will look like bleeding from finger.

6- Ready to scare ………

Step 3: Final Photographs.

Some of final photographs .......

NOTE: please don't try to scare elderly persons it may raise their Blood Pressure at danger level.