SCC Emails

Introduction: SCC Emails

This guide will show you how to access your emails on a mobile device.

Step 1: Download the Blue Mail App

The blue mail app is a free app available from the iOS store and the play store.

Download the app and pres Add Other Account, then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Select Your Mail Provider

In this case, its the bottom option 'Other Email'

Step 3: Filling in Basic Account Information.

Fill in your email address and password and press next.

Step 4: Allow Blue Mail to Find the Settings

Blue Mail will automatically find the server settings, minimising configuration time and making it simpler.

Step 5: Error! Unable to Connect to Server.

Press Edit Details

Step 6: Modify the Outgoing Security

Change the security tab so that it says SSL/TLS (check certificate)

Step 7: Certificate Approval

Blue Mail will ask you to approve the certificate. Make sure you select the right hand option which reads 'Allow Always'

Step 8: Fill in Your Details

Fill in the name you want to be displayed when you send mail, and a name for the mailbox. I recommend Soba.

Step 9: Done!


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