Introduction: SDR RTL Dongle Antena Mod

The little MCX Connector not have a good varieties for give better reception antennas to cheap SDR dongles, this easy mod change to SMA give you a lot alternatives for try a better reception

Step 1: What You Need?

You need: Desoldering tape, SMA connector for chassis and also iron and some rosin core solder

Step 2: Uninstall a MCX

Disassemble the unit and remove a old MCX conector, take care not overheat the pc board

Step 3: Solder the New Connector

Install a nes SMA connector, make strong joint to ground

Step 4: Make a Hole on Case

Mark and drill a hole to pass the new antenna terminal over case

Step 5: Reasemble and Test

Reasemble the unit and make test, all its done

Step 6: Ready, Only Enjoy

Now you can install a handy rubber antenna or external antenna via coax feed. Have a happy reception