Introduction: SENSE : Smart Breath Analysis Device ( a Smart Breathalyzer )

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What is a Breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer or breathalyser (a portmanteau of breath and analyzer/analyser) is a device for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample.Breathalyzer is the brand name for the instrument that tests the alcohol level developed by inventor Robert Frank Borkenstein.

What is SENSE ?

Introduction :

A few months ago our Chemistry Teacher had informed all the Students of my class about an Inter-School Chemistry Model Making Competition.She then asked who all were interested in taking part in the Competition , the first thing I did was seeing if any of my classmates raised their hands my friend Chaitanya who is also a Full Stack Developer had raised his hand , so I too raised my hand because I had to badly Quench my Thirst for "Making a electronics projects" by building an innovative Chemistry Model.

About the Device :

Sense is made up of the MediaTek LinkIt One at Heart.It is connected to a 16*2 RGB LCD Display ( The RGB LCD Display Serves a good purpose ) , the main component is the Grove Alcohol Sensor and also a peizo buzzer to interpret the hike in Alcohol Vapor Levels.

What makes SENSE "SMART" ?

Sense uses on a simple algorithm that converts the Raw Sensor data into percentage for accurate measurement of the alcohol level in the surrounding environment.

Sense had a unique design which makes it and Open Environment Data Collector.

Sense can also be hooked up with a Bluetooth Shield ( 1Sheeld ) and can log data when Hike in Alcohol level is detected!

Achievements :

Sense won the 1st Place in the Chemistry Model Making Competition Organised by the St Aloysius College Department of Chemistry and PG Studies in Chemistry which was Sponsored by the

Department of Biotechnology,Ministry of Science & Technology Government of India.

Have fun Building Sense!

Step 1: Hardware Setup!

Materials Required :

  1. MediaTek LinkIt ONE Board [Buy Here]
  2. Grove Alcohol Sensor [Buy Here]
  3. Grove RGB LCD Backlight [Buy Here]
  4. Grove 4 Pin AWG Wires [Buy Here]
  5. Grove Buzzer [Buy Here]
  6. Grove Base Shield [Buy Here]
  7. A Deodorant which contains Alcohol , My Deoderant specified : Alcohol(95% v/v)

Handy Note :

Alcohol ( Ethyl Alcohol ) is used in deodorants because they Vaporize immediately when the come out of the Pressurized Container and they carry the perfume along with them when sprayed.

Setting Up Hardware Parts :

  • Firstly you need to connect the Grove Shield to the MediaTek LinkIt ONE Board
  • Next , You have to connect the Grove Alcohol Sensor to the Analog Pin 0 ( A0 ) of the Grove Shield.
  • Then , You have to connect the Grove RGB LCD Display to the I2C Pin on the Grove Shield.
  • Next , You have to connect the Grove Buzzer to the Digital Pin 7 ( D7 ) on the Grove Shield.
  • You can now transfer this setup into a box , the sample box design is given below.
  • Note : You need to Design a Hole for the USB Connector to pass through while building the design given below.
  • Also make sure you design a lid for the Box :)

Sense Box 3D Design :

Step 2: Three Step Hardware Setup!

Step 3: Software Setup!

Firstly You need setup your MediaTek LinkIt One Board with the Arduino IDE , So I request you to follow the Instructions available in the Official Website of MediaTek Labs :

Once you have completed the Setup , you can launch the IDE and make sure you are connected to the Proper COM Port.

GitHub Repository :

Arduino Code :

<p>/*<br> * Sense : Smart 
 * Author : Geeve George
 * Instrubtables : <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
 */</p><p>#define ALCOHOL_DAT A0
#define HEATER_SEL  A1</p><p>#include
#include "rgb_lcd.h"</p><p>rgb_lcd lcd;</p><p>int colorR = 10;
int colorG = 10;
int colorB = 10;
int BuzzerPin = 7;</p><p>void setup()
    lcd.begin(16, 2);
    lcd.setRGB(colorR, colorG, colorB);
    </p><p>  Serial.begin(9600);  // open the serial port at 9600 bps
  Serial.println("Start to heat the sensor, please wait 5~10min befor exposure to alcohol");
void loop()
  int sensorValue;
  sensorValue = analogRead(ALCOHOL_DAT); //read the analog value
  int value = 1023 - sensorValue;
  //Disply the results in serial monitor.</p><p> float percent = value / 1024.0 * 100;  
  // round to two decimals
  percent = floor(percent*100) / 100;</p><p>    
    float recal = fabs(percent-10);
    </p><p>    if(recal>42)
      colorR = 255;
      colorG = 0;
      colorB = 0;
      lcd.print("Vapor Detected");
      colorR = 5;
      colorG = 5;
      colorB = 5;
    lcd.print("      SENSE");
    lcd.setCursor(0, 1);
/*  Serial.print("sensor test value = ");
  //sensorValue goes down when alcohol is detected. Hence subtracting from 1023.
  //The information below is recommended result of the judgment
        lcd.setCursor(0, 1);
  if(value < 300) {
    Serial.println("No alcohol vapor detected"); 
                lcd.println("No Vapor"); 
              }</p><p>  else if((value > 300) && (value < 750))
{</p><p>      Serial.println("High Concentration of Alcohol detected");
                lcd.print("High ");
  else if(value > 750){
    Serial.println("Very high Concentration of Alcohol detected");</p><p>              
} */</p><p>  delay(100);
}</p><p>void pinsInit()
  pinMode(HEATER_SEL,OUTPUT);// set the HEATER_SEL as digital output.
  switchOffHeater(); //when HEATER_SEL is set, heater is switched off.
/*switch on the heater of Alcohol sensor*/
void switchOnHeater()
/*switch off the heater of Alcohol sensor*/
void switchOffHeater()

Step 4: Results & the Team!

Since we started building this Project Couple of Months ago deep down inside our heart we wanted to Open Source this Project , now we are happy to share this project with the World.

Further Implications :

  1. You can use the 1Sheeld DataLogger Shield to log Sensor Data when Alcohol Vapor is Detected , you can also turn on the Camera Shield so as to Take a Photo of the person Subjected to Drunk and Driving.

Our Achievements :

I represented my School ( Little Rock Indian School ) along with my Partner in the Inter School Chemistry Model Making Competition , We were able to Impress the Judges who decided to give us the 1st Place.

Our School also won the Overall Championship in the Chemistry Competition.

Now it's your turn to HACK Sense and make it better! #KeepMaking!

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