[SGZ] How to Make an Wire Stripper




Introduction: [SGZ] How to Make an Wire Stripper


I am SGZ

to day I want to show you how to make an simple wire striper

this is very useful and everybody can make it

so let's make it...

Step 1: What We Need ?

we just need:

x1 plastic Clothespin

x1 Pencil sharpener

we need these parts to make an wire striper

as you can see this project made from cheap things

Step 2: How Can I Make It?

First unplug the blade from Pencil sharpener

then mark the place of the blade on the plastic Clothespin

make a hole on it for screwing the blade

Step 3: Make It Strong!

to make it storng take a hot glue gun and stick it together

Step 4: Done!

we have just make one homemade wire striper

let's test it:

1.first place the wire in the wire striper

2.then turn it 2 times

3.pull it out


it's working perfect

ok,as you can see this wire stripper is simple and perfect for you guys

thanks for reading


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    4 years ago

    Cheap and simple-nice! Thanks for sharing