Introduction: SHARPEN Your X-acto Knife Blades DON’T Replace Them It’s Cheaper and Faster

Just imagine, if you could sharpen your X-Acto knives instead of replacing them. Think of the money you save. I’ve been using an X-Acto knife for years and years. At this point I can sharpen the blade faster than I can change it out. Several swipes on the sharpening stone or piece of sandpaper will give you a razor sharp finish on your blade. Just keep the stone right next to you while you’re working and if you feel it starting lose its sharpness then sweep across the stone, and keep going. This technique has been very valuable to me I hope it is just as valuable to you.

Step 1: Sharpen

Sharping your X-acto knife blades is very easy to do, let me show you how. Put the blade flat with the angle of the edge and run it back and forth. Just repeat this until your blade is sharp. Yep that's all there is to it! Hope this helps you out of a pinch!

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