Introduction: SHOTGUN MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In this instructable, you will learn another way how to make a shotgunish like shot from the following materials:

 2 Plastic forks (or any small particle)

a nerf blaster with barrel

Two simple materials. If this is hurtful, then use gloves or something. :)


I suggest the following Nerf blasters:

Recon CS-6

Longshot CS-6

Longstrike CS-6

Stampede CS-18

Barrel Break IX-2

Double Shot

Raider CS-35

Alpha Trooper CS-18

Rapid Fire Tek


Buzz Saw

Or anything else I didn't mention.

Step 1: Breaking.............

  Take the forks and break the ends off (including the handle).

Step 2: Loading............

  To load it, you'll have to load it light a musket (putting the forks particles down the barrel(s))

Step 3: FIRE!!!

  Fire, but remember that most shotguns shoot short range.

   This mod is much better then the other shotgun mod "My Shotgun/Rifle Mod" that I did.