Simple, easy, and pretty good looking, this paper/metal necklace is a cool piece of work to add to your jewelry box. Despite its appearance, this is not at all difficult to make, and the materials required are really easy (and cheap) to get. No fancy tools, no pliers, no hard-to-work-with supplies. Very simple!

• Poster board paper
• Tin foil
• Clear tape
• White paper
• Gold ribbon or paper (at least 2cm by 3.5cm blocks can be cut from it)
• Glue
• Chain

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but hopefully my writing compensates.

Step 1: Step 1

Cut out 25 strips of poster board that are about .3cm by 4cm (NOTE: the strips do not have to be perfectly even. Leaves in nature are not perfect, and your jewelry can reflect this). Not all of the leaves may be used, or you may need more, but the steps are essentially repeatable.

Step 2: Step 2

Cut out strips of tin foil about 1cm by 4.2cm (NOTE: if you varied the strips from step 1, basically these strips of tin foil should comfortably wrap around the poster board strips). Place the poster board strips in their respective tin foil strips.

Step 3: Step 3

Wrap the poster board tightly in the tin foil so none of the poster color is showing. Wrap the tin foil and poster board with a strip of tape the same length (and its own width). When all wrapping is done, the final strip shouldn’t be much longer in width or length than your original poster board strips.

Step 4: Step 4

In paper quilling terms, (a paper craft technique), the shape you will make from this is called the “teardrop”. These teardrops looked like leaves, and thus, the silver wreath was born. To make these teardrops, curl the paper into a spiral. Then pinch in an angle for the teardrop. Glue the end of the strip to the spiral (tape works too though). Repeat this for all strips. 

Step 5: Step 5

Begin to assemble the wreath. Glue is needed here. The wreath is effectively two rings of teardrops, an inner ring, and an outer ring. There is some leniency based on artist’s preference.
• Start with the inner ring. If you followed the measurements above, then the inner ring shouldn’t need more than 5-7 teardrops, but if you want a larger or smaller central hole, it’s up to you. All tails/angles of the drops should face outward from the center of the wreath. You should get somewhat of a sun shape. Put glue on all the parts where the teardrops will be connected to attach them to each other.
• Continue with the second ring. Surround the inner ring with teardrops, placing the spiral of an outer ring in between two angles of the inner ring. Then when there is sufficient space between an inner ring angle and an outer ring angle, put another spiral of another teardrop in it.

Step 6: Step 6

Now that the wreath itself is done, (and looking awesome), we’ll work on some decorations. In this instructable I’ll teach you how to embellish it with white roses and two golden bells, though as an extension or another option, I think beads look really good on these. Bows made of ribbons also look pretty cool.  I’ll start with the bells.

• For each bell cut out a 2cm by 3.5 block of ribbon or gold paper.
• Fold two corners toward the other end, overlapping to form a cone. Glue the corner that ends up on top on the other flap. This should make a paper cone (though the cone base has not been evened out yet).
• Fold the tip of the cone backwards and glue it down. This will be the top of the bell. The side that has the tip glued down will be the side that gets glued to the wreath (and therefore not seen)
• Cut out a base for the cone. When the cut is done, it should look like a bell ready for the wreath, so I’d suggest a cut that makes a side length of the bell almost, but less than 1cm.
• Repeat these steps for a second bell, which should be the same size as the other.
• Glue the two bells to what looks like the most attractive “top” of the wreath.

• From the white paper cut out five 2.3cm by 2.3cm squares of paper.
• This is a very rough process, but basically take the two bottom corners of the paper and bring them together so half the paper square will become a “stem”. Roll the stem so it’s more solid.
• Crumple the top half of the paper into a rose-like ball. If it doesn’t look great the first time, just try again. Improvising is the key to making original jewelry!
• Coat the stem of the rose in glue and insert it through a spiral of the wreath where it fits/looks nice. Repeat this for as many roses as you want. I used five.

Step 7: Step 7

Pull the chain through two teardrops near the bells.
:D Alright! It should look similar to that, but not quite the same. Each one is its own special work of art. Hope you enjoyed it.

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