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Hello everybody! Want to

make amazing /awesome hot wire foam cutter ? if your answer is YES, watch us.

I am glad to welcome you to my channel and in this video we are going to make a Foam Cutter at home. So, How to make Hot Wire Foam Cutter in 15 minutes! Making foam cutter is easy and very cheap, you will see.

WARNING- The wire warms up a lot! So use this machine with care! If you are a child, do it with an adult! Use of video content is at your own risk.

Step 1: Equipment List

You will find equipment list on pics. And share below,

1- 35x35 cm wood

2- 30x5 cm wood

3- 25x5 cm wood

4- On - off Switch

5- Terminal Block

6- 26GA 0.404 mm Nicrome Wire

Step 2: How to Make This Project ?

You can see video link. This video include "how to make ".

Step 3: Other Pics