Introduction: SIMPLE Homemade Battery

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Hi Guys , We all know that energy can nether be created nor be destroyed it can only be changed from one form to another. But is there any way to store these energy? !!yes its a battery ? So let us try to build a Home made Rechargable battery . It's simple and very easy to Build a battery. Materials Needed: Pvc pipe Cement,plastroparis Cutting blade Copper plate Aluminum plate Wires Clorox or any other Toilet cleaner solution So lets gets started :" Take the 25. cm pvc pipe and cut it into 5 pieces each 5cm long. Seal the bottom of the pvc pipe with cement or some other resin keep it for drying. When it dries fill the pvc with water and Clorox (you can also use harpic toilet cleaner) Cut the copper plate and aluminum plate into small pieces as you can see in the picture . Put one copper plate and one aluminum plate in the first pvc cylinder and do the same for the remaining pvc too. total you have 5pvc cylinders. Connection:- .Nw connect the copper plate in the first cylinder to the aluminum plate which is in the second cylinder and connect the copper in second cylinder to the aluminum Electrode in the third cylinder do it for the remaining cylinder so that at last you will get two terminal one aluminum terminal in the first cylinder and a copper terminal in the last cylinder . Connect a red wire to the copper terminal in the Last cylinder. Connect a black wire to the aluminum terminal in the first cylinder Red will be positive and Black will be negative. Now its Ready for working ,when you connect to an led it will start to glow .it gives an output voltage of 3v approx . Increasing the number of pvc tubes increase the voltage . Increasing solution in the cylinders increase the output Current.

Step 1: