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Mother's day is coming!! While cleaning my room.. I got the idea of creating a Card out of all the things I got.
Making the Cards with Love not just to our moms but also an earth friendly craft which Mother Earth would appreciate!! Its FUN AND EASY !! Its simple, its a great project to make with the kids!!

Step 1: Simple Explosion Card ~

Its pretty easy!!! No LED included here.. Just follow the picture.. write your message, touch your moms heart and then you're done!!! Simple as that.

You'll need :
Got my Cardboards from a box.
Some Typewritting paper that we have here..
Some markers
Tissue paper of your choice

Everything here was a home / office friendly Supplies!!
Just be creative put everything you want to put. I make mine as simple as possible so that I won't have to buy anything and make it look as easy that even a child can make this (even nicer) lol ~

Step 2: Mother's Day Card With LED ~

Mother symbolizes as the "Light of the house" they are so versatile and flexible. They are the wonder woman in real life. And for us.. A simple hand made card can make their hearts melt!!

PS. You don't Need an electronic knowledge for this one. It is Easy as 1..2.3! I swear! This project is super fun to make with kids!

What you'll need:
Recycled /can be seen at home&office:
cardboard from a box
Typewriting paper
Tissue color of your choice
Some cut out decorations

Needs to be bought :
Coin cell battery ~> $1.50 daiso
Conductive tape adhesive ~> $6 amazon
Adaftuit's The Sewable Beginners Kit set. ~> $13.95
(In the Adafruits site they have the beginners fun tutorials there.. check it out.)


In this project, I cut out 2-piece of cardboard from the box flaps. With the same length.

Covered them with blue tissue papers.

Cut some design.. and added the pic of my mom.

I made a little hole on the center so I can put the LED.

Remember : The longer wire is the positive side and the short one is the negative.

I taped the picture to lock it in place..

I Opened the card then taped the back of the battery holder using double sided tape. Facing the back of the firstpage of the card where the picture is.

Lighting up the LED :

Remember : the positive and negative side of Conductive tapes must not touch each other so we need to be careful as we go on or else it will create a short circuit and our project wont light up... this sounds complicated but its not I swear!! Just put a conductive tape on each side you can bend each leg of the LED just remember which of the side is + and -.

Just follow the picture and you're set!! Anyways... going back to the project.

I put a conductive tape on the positive side of the LED but on all the way through the Battery holder's positive side. I just make sure that the conductive tape will reach the positive side of the battery when I closed the card. (This will serve as a press here to light up)

The cut another conductive tape and stick it all the way to the negative side of the battery holder...

Test your card out!! And see it glow!!

If its okay.. then cover the leg of the LED. Make sure you dont touch the back or the connection of the positive will black out. Just be careful.

I put a "click me" from a piece of cardboard then stick it under the picture so that they'll know where to press..

And I also added a shout out from the front saying :
"내 엄마, 사랑해" which means My Mom, I love you!!

Then inside the card I put half of a typewriting
To cover the negative tape (not covering the battery holder.)

Then I wrote my message for my wonderful mom......
And thennn you're set!!!! Off you go! Thats it!!

If you have more questions just message me.
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Spread the love and Share a Smile!
Stay Healthy, happy and Blessed!
Have a haoppydays!

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