About: I am an electrical student living at chennai i love electronics very much.

Hi guys this based on beetle bot tech. But i used some high torque motor and wheels. It is very simple to make and i changed its external apearernce to look it like rover.

Step 1: Gathering Material

I used old mobile circuit board as body u can also use any weightless wood piece or PCB.

°• Microswitch × 2
°• wheels × 3
°• High torque motor ×2
°• LED light × 1
°• some wires
°• AAA × 3
°• battery guage
°• PCB
°• Wire tier
°• soldering equipment

Step 2: Circuit Connection

circuit for rover to to run but use 3 AAA Battery's instead of 2 AAA.

Step 3: Using Micro Switch As Sensor

I used micro switch as sensor to detect obstecales. you can buy it from shop or you take from the old computer mouse. Take the small socket and attach it to the micro switch nob. and place the copper wire in the socket and bend it like curve

Step 4: High Torque Moter and Battery

use high torque motor Don't use small toy cars motor because it can't pull the rover weight.Likewise use 3 AAA Battery don't waste time in 9v battery.

Step 5: Making Wheels

choosing wheel is important to move your rover . I used a plastic gear as wheel taken from old table fan you can also use any toy car wheels.

Step 6: Making Back Wheel

circuit for rover to to run but use 3 AAA Battery's instead of 2 AAA.

Step 7: Fixing Wheels

i joined back wheels using the needle and directly join the front wheels to motor.

Step 8: Fixing Body Parts

Fix the body parts and solder the motor and switch using wire and fix the parts.

Step 9: External Apearence

Make something cool for external appearence i made mudguard from small plastic for its look.