Introduction: SIMPLE Vegan Tofu Chocolate Peanut-Butter Pie (for Your Crunchy GF)

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We've all been there, you've got a crunchy significant, and you yourself are a bit more.... creamy? You know what I mean. You also probably want to score some points and not spend too much time doing it... Because you've got other things to invent, etc.

So here's a super simple, crunchified, decadent tofu choc + PB pie. It is very decadent, and I love eating it for breakfast. Note if you want to go all out, I suggest topping it with vegan whipped cream made from coconut milk, or real whipped cream if you're less than vegan.

Here's the stats:
Difficulty: Bachelor
Total time (setup-cleanup): 30 mins
Ready time: 60 mins
Cost: <$10
boyfriend/girlfriend points: >500

Nutrition* (total pie / 1/12 as a serving):
Calories: 2885 / 240
Fat: 155 / 13
Carbs: 301 / 25
Protein: 66 / 5.5
*nutrition from "milk" not listed due to flexibility in the recipe.

10oz bag Lactose Free Semi-Sweet Chocolate
14oz carton Light Silken Tofu
3 tbs Natural Creamy PB
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 graham cracker crust (check for veganhood)
2tbs - 1/4 cup of "milk" of any type depending on desired consistency (less = firmer, more = softer)

Step 1: Melt the Choco

You need to melt the chocolate bits in a double boiler (I think it's called). You put water in a sauce pan, and a frying pan on top of it. The steam heats the frying pan and melts the chocolate without burning them. You still do need to stir though, I suggest using a squeegee style rubber spatula-thing.

Add your tofu hunk to the blender, smash it up in there and add the vanilla and the "milk," both of which function as an edible lubricant.

Step 2: Add Choco and PB and BLEND

... Add Choco and PB and BLEND. You'll need to alternate blending and mixing it up with a big spoon or something. It is too thick for the blender to do all the work. Umm, make sure you don't stick a spoon in there with the blender still blending, unless you want spoon-flavored pie!

Step 3: Assemble

"Pour" (spoon/push) the goo into the pie crust. Make room in your cooling storage unit and insert pie into said mechanizm. Wait 60 minutes for proper cooling of pie.

Now that's done, prepare to clean!

Step 4: Clean It Up

Pour that hot water from the double boiler into the frying pan with the melted chocolate, and use the sqeegee thing to scrape out the old choco bits. Rinse out the blender and put a little soap and water in the bottom.

Blend it on the lowest setting, and POOF, the blender blades are clean!

Wash the pan and blender with soap and water, and it should all come clean very quickly.
NOTE: your cookware probably will look a little better than mine! Ahhh, the scars of years of scrambled eggs and olive-oil popped pop-corn fill me with happiness :)

Step 5: DONE!

Eat and enjoy. Note, depending on firmness, the first piece or two may be a little hard to get out of the pan with the crust intact. It's OK, it's super delicious!!!
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