Introduction: SIRC Remote Control

This Instructable tell you How to take commands from an IR Remote working on SIRC Protocol. What is SIRC Protocol and how it Operates ?

Step 1: SIRC (Sony Infrared Remote Control) Protocoal

Its a 12 bit SIRC protocol. First it sends START Bit by sending High for 2.4 m sec followed by 7 bit of command which is different for every key on the remote followed by 5 bit Device Address which is same for a remote but different for different remote controls. In case of long press this whose protocol repeats after every 45msec.

(Here the first figure shows the SIRC Protocol. Second Figure shows High & Low Logic.)

Step 2: Parts

You will need:-

1. An Arduino Board.

2. A Remote working on SIRC Protocol.

3. An TSOP IR Receiver.

You can buy these Remote & TSOP from HERE !

Step 3: Connection

Connect 1st pin to the Ground Pin on Arduino Board, 2nd Pin to +5 volt supply to the +5 volt pin on Arduino board and the 3rd one which is the output connect it to an Analog 0 pin on Arduino Board by using Female connectors.

Step 4: Code

Here I have attached a code for Remote control. This code gives you an unique value for each key on the Remote control. Actually it receives 12 bits from the Remote. Out of 12 bits it separates 7 bit command and converts it from binary to decimal value and that decimal value you can observe on the serial monitor.

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