"SKATELAMPBYME" its a proyect made by me, in the absence of a lamp in my room, i need more illumination for my studing, Design is my passion and i love create new things.


drill and circular wood drill
Screws and nuts
Stocks and bulbs
power wire connection

Step 1: STEP 1. Get a Skateboard

First you will have to pulish al the back image from the wood, so, with sandpaper will be easy. After taking of the wheels and trucks of course.

The difficult comes when you have to make the holes with a circular wood drill, calculate the space between the holes and positionate them where you prefer.

I make oval movements to make that form because it its needed for the stocks i find.

Step 2: Drawing and Painting

I choose to draw some ink figures, but you can make whatever you want even not taking of the back image.

Painting is so satisfying thats why i recommend you to make my design.

Step 3: Conect the Wires

this one can be a little difficult if you dont know about basic knowledge of electricity wires.

its very easy, just have patience.

connecting the black wires each other (-) and the whites ones (+)

theres multiple ways to conect them, like the Christmas lights or for another functional ways they're needed

the next step is conect them with the principal power wire and try it.

(before put the bulbs on)

(be careful when conect to power).

Step 4: Almost Done

I brougth "cornerbacks" on México they are called "escuadras"

ensambled on the same skate screws, and will be collocated on the wall with wall screws.

the "cornerbacks" are joined with screws and nuts,

I use a Led bulb because i didnt have one more stock for normal bulbs.

put the trucks and wheels again.

ta,,, taaaa!

Step 5:

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