Introduction: SKBR Sonic Broom's Knex Rifle

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I wanted to try and make a Knex rifle since all my guns so far have been pistols and little compact guns; so here is my first Knex rifle. It shoots yellow rods, and has an internal mag pusher.

Just so you know this is my first large gun so it may not be up to today's standards but I think it came out pretty good for my first try at this. I had to mod and change a lot on this gun but after some testing and work here is my new gun - SKR Sonic broom's Knex rifle!


Very comfortable handle

Pin guide

pretty strong

trigger can hold lots of bands and is Very comfortable

stock holds extra ammo

looks cool IMO

strong stock

rail on top to attach attachments

Very easy to mod and change around


Not that good of range - about 20 feet. What do you think I could do to improve the range? Please post your ideas in the comments.

non removable mag

Jams sometimes

Please give me your feedback and ideas on how to improve my future projects and posts.

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