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Hello everyone,

we already have a lot of great tutorials about "How to make a desk/table", and now I wanna present something a little different.
I decided to make a simple desk with unique design without any bolts and nuts, which is easy for assembling.

Here you can download complete 3D model of desk:

Step 1: Idea & Design

Like i said before, idea was to make simple desk with interesting design.

To get right design you need to:

  • sketch
  • think
  • 3D modeling
  • rendering

Materials, which I choose for production:

  • wood - for work board
  • steel - steel rods for desk legs
  • plastic - for connectors

And after all, make a simple plan to build a project.

Step 2: The Wooden Board

The wooden board (spruce) was purchased for $ 23.

Size: 1200 x 600 x 27 mm

  • Prepare draft position for holes
  • Draw the positions on wooden board
  • Drill the holes
  • Pass the holes with sandpaper

Tools: drill and jigsaw

Note: no rush and be careful!

Step 3: Dyeing of Wooden Board

Before you start with dyeing, check the surface of board and if you find holes, cracks or other minor damages fill them with putty for wood.

Wait to putty dries, after that pass with orbital sander and we can start with dyeing.

    Dyeing - chronology:

    • primer (base paint coat)
    • sanding (orbital sander)
    • two layers of paint for finishing coat (between them sanding)
    • drying

    Note: you can use acrylic lacquer in spray instead of paint for finishing coat, it is quicker but worse quality.

    Step 4: Steel Rods

    Cheap steel rods (total weight: 6,3 kg) purchased for $ 3.

    Diameter of rods is 10 mm.


    • cut pieces to the appropriate length
    • sanding (to get clean surface of steel)
    • dyeing (best option is acrylic lacquer in spray)
    • drying

    Cheap solution for desk legs.

    Step 5: Plastic Connectors

    Plastic connectors produced by 3D printer Goya 3D

    • easy
    • fast
    • minimum work (everything is up to 3D printer)

    3D printing is simple solution to produce parts like this, the only problem is that you need to own a 3D printer.

    Connectors consists the holes for steel rods, and is not necessary to drill the holes.

    Step 6: Assembly & Finishing

    And here we are, on the last chapter of this small project.

    At the end you just need to connect/assemble all parts that you create.And after that you have simple and elegant desk.

    Something about stability, it depends on weight of wooden board (heavier boards give us better stability) and depends on the diameter of steel rods (bigger diameter is better).

    For this project I spent about 50$.

    Pictures of desk will be ready as quickly as possible (unexpected problems).

    Enjoy, and best regards!!!

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    5 Discussions


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks B)


    3 years ago

    First photos (low quality) of assembled desk are uploaded, for about few hours I will upload better photos.

    Left-field Designs
    Left-field Designs

    3 years ago

    well done, you have made quite an elegant piece of furniture. can I ask how stable it is? Could you use it as an end table, computer desk, work bench?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Nice question, I forgot to write something about this.

    Stability is more than good, stability depends on weight of wooden board (heavier boards give us better stability) and depends on the diameter of steel rods (bigger diameter is better).

    And this is computer desk.