Introduction: SMART BAND (Intel IOT)

My idea mainly focuses on providing security for women’s during the sexual harassment or in panic situation by using a wearable device which measures Pulse, Blood temperature, Temperature. During the harassment or panic situation the value of pulse, blood pressure and Body temperature will rise above the reference value. If it reaches a saturation limit measurement values will be identified by our Intel Edison, under such situation current location will be tracked by GSM/GPS device will transmit the panic situation information to their concerned persons (relatives or police station). This helps in increasing women’s safety.

Step 1: Circuit

Measuring the pulse actions via electric potentials is referred to as Electromyography(EMG). This picture represents the circuit for Signal Acquisition, Amplification, Rectification and soothing of electric potentials from EMG electrode. INA106 is a difference amplifier which is used to measure a small voltage difference between two electrodes placed on the muscle. This small voltage is processed by this circuit.

Note: Required Hardware boards and other Accessories are explained further in each steps

Step 2: Pulse Sensor

Pulse sensor is used to measure the pulse rate(ie... heart beat rate). Because under some harassment situation there will be a change in pulse rate. This pulse sensor measures the value of pulse rate for one minute. Since which is the actual time duration to measure the pulse rate. This pulse rate is used to determine the emotion of a person.

Step 3: GSM

GSM (Global System For Mobile Communication) module is used along with our Intel Edison board. This GSM module transfers the alert message generated during the harassment situation to concerned persons. When it is triggered via our Intel Edison.

Step 4: Arduino

Final module resembles as shown above. Intel Edison Board is interfaced along with all other modules and programmed using Arduino language.Programming for this module is given below.

// code for smart band

const int analogInPin = A0;

int led = 8;

int ledpin = 12;

int voltagepin=7;

int cnt=0;

int sensorValue = 0;

int count = 0;

int count1 = 0;

int countavg = 0;

int countaverage = 0;

int flag = 0;

unsigned long interval=0;

int voltage=0;

char phone_no[]=”987654321”;

void setup() {

// put your setup code here, to run once:


pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

pinMode(ledpin, OUTPUT);

pinMode(voltagepin, INPUT);


void loop() {

if (millis() <= 30000)


// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

sensorValue = analogRead(analogInPin);





digitalWrite(led, HIGH);



digitalWrite(led, LOW);




digitalWrite(ledpin, HIGH);



digitalWrite(ledpin, LOW);




countavg = (count + count1)/2;

countaverage = (countavg/10);

Serial.print("count value average=");















Step 5: Electrodes

The EMG Electrode is placed on both the Arms of hand to sense the muscle movement. Third electrode is an Reference electrode it should be perfectly placed since the variation in placing can cause change in output voltage.

Step 6: Wearable Device

By making the particular Muscle movement the output voltage is sensed along with pulse value. When these exceeds some particular conditions, GSM module will be Activated through our Intel Edison board and the GSM module transmits the message to concerned authorities or persons.