SMART Green Bin

Introduction: SMART Green Bin

I hope the battery inspired bin design, as well as its interactive aspect [user are able to see the bin contribution and how it is 'charging' the battery], will catch the attention of people.I believe that the users can immediately see the important role they play and impact they have on this environment when they interact with the bin.

Step 1: Overall Design

To make the whole 'rubbishing-throwing' experience 'convenient' and 'hassle-free', I decided to make a 360degree opening for easy access for people to throw rubbish easily into the rubbish bin.The ashtray is located at the top of the bin.

Step 2: Features

The lid of the bin can be easily opened for larger item disposal.The bin is designed in a battery-like appearance with a 'battery-life' bar to attract people's attention. With the use of the arduino beginner kit, I added distance sensors in to bin help indicate the amount of rubbish in the bin.This is possible by adding LED lights outside connected to the distance sensor that lights up when more rubbish is added.The arduino is powered by double A battery's,however this can be easily changed to solar panels or power banks. The distance sensors and LED are placed in water free places to prevent damage.Therefore, making it look like a battery.Best of all, when rubbish enters the bin it has a charging effect, reminding people of the important role they place as well as the impact they have on the environment.

Step 3: Link to All the Parts

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