Introduction: SMART PILLBOX

Everybody nowadays uses smartphones, it can be used an effective medium to notify about the pills time and refilling information. I have suggested a pillbox which is smart enough to track the pills taken and monitor it for refilling. The designed Pillbox will fill the gaps of user interaction via scheduling and refilling the pillbox. Using the concept of IoT, the user will be notified on their smartphones about the time to take the pills and monitor the need of refilling the pillbox via a smartphone application called MedReminder.

Step 1: Design the Box

Using Adobe Illustrator, I have designed the planks for the walls of the box and laser cut it to have the end results as seen in the pictures.

Step 2: Hardware Components

Collect the components for the circuit like:

1.motion sensor

2. tilt sensor

3.power bank


5. breadboard

then make the circuit as follows

take the photon and connect it to the internet with your credentials and place it to the breadboard, then connect:

D0--> motion sensor

D1-->tilt sensor

try the following code in the image to the particle web and u can publish the data to the particle cloud which can be seen in the particle console shown in the image.

Step 3: Particle Cloud to Google Spreadsheet Connection

Now, go to IFTTT website and login with your account. Next, add a new applet, using if this and then.

use if as particle and make a new event published where write the event name "status" and create it.

In the next step, add your +then as google spreadsheet and name the variable " status".

you will see the google spreadsheet in the events folder in your drive.

The IFTTT applet will look like in the above picture.and the spreadsheet will contain the real data with the same time as in particle console.

Step 4: Develop an Application and Working

develop an application with a simple notification system which will take the real-time data from the google spreadsheet and create notification according to the status timer.

the video shows the working of the hardware with the application