Introduction: SMART ROCKET - By: Spyder2021

I am going to show you how to build a "SMART ROCKET" bottle launcher.  Everything was built using PVC40 PE PIPE and attachments.  You can purchase the supplies from any hardware store, I got mine from Home Depot.  Reason why I call it a "SMART ROCKET" is because it uses the Smart Water bottle (and it is longer than a normal pop bottle). 

Please check out my video tutorial of it as well.


Never glue the PVC Pipe together until you have the entire unit built.

As far as the Zip Ties goes.  You want to fit the bottle you are using down the 6 1/2" pipe upto the Coupling.  Place the zip tie on the rim of the bottle to see what the length of the zip tie you would need.

Assemble them in this order:
6 1/2" section of pipe
1/2" coupling (with zip ties taped to the coupling)
2" section of pipe
1/2" TEE
2" section of pipe (filled with hot glue)
1 1/2" section of pipe (goes on middle part of TEE)


You will need to drill small 13/64 hole into each 1/2" TEE as shown.  Plus you will need to get a 7/8" Spade Wooden Bit and for the top TEE.  Drill it all the way thru from the left to right.  For the Bottom TEE, drill it from the bottom connection hole right thru the top.  What this will do is allow you to be able to spin it freely.  When done insert each "Binding Post" thru there hole (making sure the Binding Post is sticking out.

On the Top TEE. 
1) Drill a 7/8" Hole right thru the TEE from left to right (so the PVC and spin easy. 

2) Drill a 13/64 Hole in the middle of the TEE and install the Binding Post, making sure the POST sticks thru the hole. Then screw in the Eye Bolt

3) On the  4 1/4" PVC Pipe, taper one end of the pipe so it is easier to slide thru.  With the Binding Post being in the way it will make it somewhat of a challenge.

4) Do the same for the bottom TEE, but the 7/8 hole will go thru the middle of the TEE all the way thru the backside.  Making it so the PVC Pipe and slide right thru.

5) Then assemble the rest as shown.


1) Take your 1/2" PVC CROSS, and drill a 7/8" Hole right thru the center. 

2) Now you have 2 pipes at 2 feet long each, these are for the legs. 

3) Take the legs and attach 1 elbow to either end.  Now attach a 1 1/2" pipe to the other end of the elbow.

4)  place your Coupling at the bottom of your 2 feet 6 inch PVC Pipe (we will be using that for the middle shaft)  It will go right below the PVC Cross


This part is really easy.  You will need a Air Valve Stem (I purchased one that was 2" long, more room to fit into the tubing).

1)  If needed cut off the back end of the Valve Stem, and slide it into one end of the tubing

2)  For the other end of the tubing, slide it thru the small hole on the 1/2" Male Adapter (push it thru a bit, about flush with Male Adapter's larger hole)  You will want to back fill the Adapter around the tubing.  Make sure you don't get any glue IN the tubing, also make sure the tubing don't close up on you as the HOT glue will soften the tubing until its cooled.


Here will now put together the [TOP] - [MIDDLE] - [BOTTOM] - [TUBING]

1) Place the top part into the top of the middle section in the TEE.

2)  Slide one of the little rings (Cut from a 1/2" coupling) on the middle shaft.  Then slide the middle shaft thru the bottom TEE (The Binding Post WILL be in the way, it is best to taper the top of the shaft) will still require some force to get it thru.

3) Once thru, slide another ring (Cut from a 1/2" coupling) on top of the TEE (so it will not move)

4)  Now attach all 4 legs to the CROSS (The part of the legs that have the 90deg elbows, and small PIPE attached will not go into the CROSS).  The bare part of the 2 foot PVC Pipe goes into each hole of the CROSS

5)  Attach the Male Adapter to the TOP part of the Launcher (fitting over the PVC Pipe that is sticking out)

Step 6: Re-cap With Pictures

Ok now that you have the entire thing built you can start gluing the parts that don't move.  Or you can just leave them the way they are.  Here are a view pictures of the final product.

Just slide your Smart bottle down the 6 1/2" pipe and it will lock into the Zip Ties.  Apply air either by a bike pump, or air compressor via the valve stem and watch it fly.

Hope you enjoy, and check out the tutorial video I made of me assembling it.  It might help out a lot easier than pictures.

Added up this project cost me $25 USD Tops

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