Introduction: SMD Holder

SMD electronics can be difficult to keep organized and manageable when you have small quantities of many different parts. This project is aimed to fix this by making a low cost tray and mount for any number and combination of SMD reels. You don't need full reels or a particular size for the parts either!

The parts used were a cardboard tube (found in the trash) with end caps (can be printed too), a handful of size 6 screws (3/4" long or so), and access to 3D printing. You may have to click on the pictures to see the ends of the holder tube.

Additionally you can add labels with a sharpie or label maker so you don't lose track of what parts are in which channel.

I hope this is helpful! A very particular use but very useful.

Step 1: 3D Printing

Whether or not you want the tube, the SMD trays are the most useful part of this build and can be used flat on a table if the SMD reels are short enough not to curl around on themselves.

The tray are printed in halves (top and bottom). The bottom piece has slots cut out for the SMD reels and the top is pressed down to hold them in place. The design is as simple as possible to make printing easier. Download the files below to print them or download the autodesk inventor file to modify / customize the design.