Introduction: SMO, Instant Hot Chocolate

A SMO, stuffed marshmallow object, is a way to make instant hot chocolate.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

To make the SMO, you will need the following supplies

-Jumbo Marshmallows

-Hershey's coco powder

-Instant dry milk

- a thermometer

-a pot of boiling water

-1 teaspoon

-a plastic knife

-a mug

Step 2: Hollow Out Your Marshmallow

Before you do the following step be sure to cut off the top of the marshmallow. And save it, you will need it for later.

You will first hollow out the marshmallow, hollow out the marshmallow where you still have a little marshmallow on the side and on the bottom.

You can put your water on and boil it while you prepare the SMO.

Step 3: Add the Ingredients

Time to add your ingredients!!!

You first want to add coco powder, then add your powdered milk, and if you really like chocolate add a little more coco powder. (protein powder is optional, if you are going to add protein powder put that on the top of all the ingredients.

Try to keep the sides as clean as possible, its alright if a little coco powder gets on the side.

Step 4: Top Your SMO

Take the top you cut off the marshmallow in step 2 and place it on top, the top will not be secure on the marshmallow, so be careful if you move it around.

Step 5: The Boiling Water

Your water should be boiled by now. if not thats ok give it a few more minutes.

Now that your water is boiled, get your thermometer and test the heat 159/230 °F, then poor it into your mug

Step 6: Finish the SMO

Once your water is in your mug. drop your SMO into the hot water, and stir till water is a dark brown.

(If your hot chocolate is not chocolaty enough you can add more coco powder, or other ingredients)

Now sit back and enjoy your Hot Chocolate

Step 7: