Introduction: SMS Controlled LED Using Linkit One

Linkit One has numerous transrecieving options since its versatile connectivity.

Since Linkit one has inbuilt SIM module, we don't need any external shield or accessories.

In this instructable I'm gonna show you how we can use GSM SIM card as an transreciever and use data obtained by SMS to control an LED on the board

Step 1: Connections

You will need a standard size SIM to be inserted in the Linkit One. If you have a micro/nano SIM, use an appropriate SIM adapters.

Insert the SIM card in the SIM bay in the board as shown in the picture

Connect the antenna in the GSM/GPRS port

Step 2: Code

I have uploaded my code which I used to control the LED on pin 13

In the code, I'm parsing the string that I'll send to the number in the Linkit one and compared it with the ones in the code.

ie. If we send on, then the LED will turn on

and if we send off, then the LED will turn off.

Step 3: Compile, Upload, Output

Compile and upload the code to the board/

I have made a video of the working of my project.

You can even use this to send analog values to pins, set conditions to sensors, etc.