Introduction: SMS Coordinates and Speed Reporter

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Today there are many ways to transmit data, but the ability to have a
device that is capable of transmitting stand alone coordinates and speed where it always has a use, either to know where your car is or if you simply have a small Transport fleet you want to monitor.

Step 1: SMS Coordinates and Speed Reporter


GSM/GPRS Shield:

Arduino UNO R3

GPS U-blox NEO-6M

Jumper Cables

USB Type B cable (For arduino Uno)

Step 2: The Circuit

The gsm module is typically placed as an Arduino shield, and then the gps module is connected as shown in the figure.

Just remember to place the Sim card in the socket below
That the SIM has money and the line is active

Step 3: The Program

We need to install these libraries:



The most important thig to understand is:

The GPS Baudrate is 9600 > which is serial software PIN RXPin = 4, TXPin = 3

The GSM/GPRS Module is 19200 > which is serial hardware PIN RXPin = 0, TXPin = 1

And the arduino UNO is able to manage this two tasks at the same time, it is currently asynchronous.

Then we just Send a SMS as test that says Hello,Microbitz!

And then we report every secondstosend value we type, the default is 60 Sec

Step 4: Results

First we should see that our gps have connection due to a led indicating that it is already getting satellite signal, this led is on the gps Board and flashes.

Now, if the gsm is off we should press the power button that is located in the module or, make a small routine and pin 9 in this way:

void setup()

pinMode(9, OUTPUT);











. }

This Module have Quad-Band 850 / 900/ 1800 / 1900 MHz - would work on GSM networks in all countries across the world.

We should also check if the antenna is well connected and what the status LEDs say, the product link describes it very well.

The only bad thing is that to know whether or not the module turned on we must see if we have good cell signal, so I recommend that this be manual, then we must connect in our serial port and see the constant refresh of the message.

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