Introduction: SMS Door Security System Using GboardPro (GSM Cum Arduino Mega)

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This is simple yet very useful home security alert DIY project. I made this project because of Theft in my office.


Hardware Required:

Software Required:

Step 1: Circuit Connection

The working concept of the circuit is simple:

case 1: When the magnets are close to each other, the circuit acts as a closed switch. Thus, the controller pin gets logic 0 (LOW)

case 2: When the magnets are separated, the circuit acts as an open switch. Thus, the controller pin gets logic 1 (HIGH)

Step 2: Installing Arduino IDE and GboardPro Library

Follow the Arduino official link below to install Arduino IDE on your respective OS:

On Windows ->

On Linux ->

On Mac ->

For Windows and Mac, it is pretty straight forward to install, no major problem faced during installation. But Linux user especially beginners find some issue regarding Arduino installation of which most common serial upload error issue ("avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device" ) during the first time installation. So, I recorded a video which you may follow as shown above.

Download library file provided below. Extract and copy to Arduino -> libraries folder as in shown above.
Now, open Arduino IDE and you can check out sample codes for GSM GboardPro.

More Details about Gboard Pro available on ->

Step 3: Programming

For uploading code, we need USB to serial converter. I have used the cp2102 connection shown in the above images.

Pin connection:

CP2102 <--------> Gboard Pro

GND <----> GND

RXD <----> RXD

TXD <----> TXD

DTR <----> DTR

also, connect the 12V power adapter to GboardPro board for power.

If you are using same CP2102 then install the driver from the link:

Now, select proper Arduino mega board from the tool -> boards with a suitable port as shown in image above.

Make suitable changes mentioned in code related to your number.

char number[]="+91xxxxxxxxxx"; //Destination number

Copy below code in your IDE, compile and hit upload. Code is simple self-explanatory with comments. Still, if any doubt, comment below.

Step 4: Packaging and Installation

Use a suitable box to pack the system as shown and install on the door of your home or office.

That’s it, Thanks!!

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