Introduction: SNAPCIRCUITS Audio Amplifier

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Here is a very simple audio amplifier you could make with snap circuits' parts and a headphone cable.

Step 1: Parts & Tools:

You could get all the parts from a SNAPCIRCUITS PRO ( except for the headphone cable ):

  • PARTS:
  1. Headphone Cable x1 ( i got mine from a broken headphone )
  2. SP Speaker x1
  3. U4 Power Amplifier x1
  4. B1 Battery Holder x1
  5. R5 100K ohms x1
  6. S1 Slide Switch x1
  7. 3 Snap Wire x2
  8. 2 Snap Wire x3
  9. 1 Snap Wire x2
  10. AA Battery x4
  • TOOLS:
  1. Wire Stripper
  2. Your Hands

Step 2: Prepare the Headphone Cable:

Strip off about an inch of insulator by using your wire stripper, and then twist the wires to prevent it from spreading.

Step 3: Snap It Together:

First, put the battery holders, amplifier ic, resistor and 1 snap wires according to the picture.

Then, put the speaker, switch, headphone cable, 2 snap wires and the 3 snap wires according to the picture.

To put the cable, hold the end the wire on the tip of the snap wire at the bottom and then snap it with another snap wire on top.

Finally, put the last 2 snap wire connecting the speaker to the headphone cable, put your batteries in the battery holders, turn the switch on, plug your music player and PLAY!

Step 4: Addition:

If it doesn't sound really good with the snap circuits' speaker, you could also put other speakers by using the same technique with putting on the headphone cable. THANK YOU and ENJOY !! ...

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