Introduction: SNES Controller Into a Mouse Mod

A quick and easy way to turn a SNES Controller into a working optical mouse!

Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed:
Dremel Tool
Super Glue
Two-Button Optical Mouse (without scroll wheel)
SNES Controller
Screw Driver

optional (Heat Gun and Razor Knife) for cleaner cuts

Step 2: 1. Take Apart the Mouse

Take a screw driver and take them both apart.

Make sure you don't mix up the parts.

Open up the mouse and take out its guts. Keep them.

Throw away the case.

Step 3: 2. Take Apart the SNES Controller

Now open up the SNES controller. keep the case and buttons, throw away the guts.

Step 4: 3. Grind Down Plastics

The case should be pretty simple looking.
You have a top and a bottom.
They will need to have certain parts ground down so the mouse guts will fit inside.

It is as follows:

Step 5: 4. Cut Hole for Optics

Now that you have ground them down, the mouse guts fit inside.
One problem you need to cut a hole in the bottom of the SNES case so the optical part of the mouse will work.

This is where you cut.
I used the cutting blade on the dremel tool.
You can also use a heat gun and razor blade if you have access to these.

My cut is quite crappy but it will do.

Step 6: 5. Glue

You aren't done yet. Now you have to glue down a few buttons so they don't fall inside. I have them circled on this next image.

Careful not to glue your fingers, use tweezers if you are bad at it.

Step 7: 6. Mount Mouse Into SNES Case

Now you have to fit the guts into the case, like this...

Don't put it in backwards!

Now place the bottom part of the SNES case on the back.
Glue the topmost corners together along with sticking in two screws that are located on the right and left. (they are the only usable threads left, its not hard to figure out).

Step 8: 7. Enjoy!

You are all done!