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The cold winter days can be brightened up by creating fun and fanciful winter snow scene silhouettes. I often do this project with my second graders during ART Class. It is a quick activity that always yields great results. As a matter of fact last winter the entire school celebrated Narnia and my students made their snow scenes with ice castles.

Step 1: Supplies

watercolor paper


wash brush

painters tape


assorted sizes of permanent black markers

Step 2: Getting Started

Tape the paper to a table or board (do not remove tape until the paper is completely dry or paper will not dry flat)

Draw a very light horizon line across paper to indicate the snow and sky. Wet the paper above the snow line and apply the watercolor wash to create the sky.

Step 3: Getting Started

When the paper is completely dry remove tape. With the pencil draw a VERY light composition. I cannot stress enough how important it is to draw lightly. If something needs to be erased a heavy handed pencil line will never disappear, it damages the paper and in the case f this particular project it, erasing can damage the watercolor.

Next, using a fine tip marker begin to outline the drawing, filling in the smaller areas of detail. Continue filling in the entire drawing keeping the black areas very solid and black, filling in any specks of white. If the marker starts coloring grey, switch markers, there should be nothing but black black black in the silhouette areas.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Finish your snow scene silhouette with fine and extra fine markers for the most detail.

Step 5: Samples of Snow Scene Silhouettes

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