SOLAR F4U Corsair



Introduction: SOLAR F4U Corsair

This project is fast and easy. I try to make the plastic model WWII airplane and add small motor with 1.5 v solar panel to be a showcase on the desktop. The model airplane’s propeller will spin when it in the sun light and also the airplane can adjust to any position that you want, because it sit on 2 wires. It’s look very cool. Let’s make it.

Dimension: Overall Length 25x Width 21x Height 14 centimeters.

The wing: about 25 centimeters.

The body: about 21 Centimeters.

The quartz: about Length 6x Width 6x Height 3 centimeters.

Supplies that you need to do “Solar F4U Corsair” project.

1. New ray plastic model WWII airplane, scale 1:48 (Any model that you want.)

2. Small Quartz, (wood, or other that easy to drill into.)

3. 1.5 v solar panel and small motor (From old quadcopter or other.)

4. Wires (thick and thin), plastic board or card board, 2 sided tape, and all purpose glue.

Step 1: Work on the Model Plane

First take the airplane apart by remove the screw of the engine’s cover (Front of the plane), and the wing. Next I try to attach the motor in the position inside of the engine’s cover, if it not fit you need to make the hole a little bigger by using a small drill bit. In order for the motor to go inside and attach the propeller by using the small piece of wood, at the last process (because sometime the motor’s shaft is too short). Then place the motor in place by using some cardboard and other material, just to make it tight, (using 2 sided tape) so the motor will not move around. Now, I extended the 2 wires from the motor. Make sure that the wires are long enough.

Step 2: Work on the Base

For the base, I found the small quartz that have 45 degree angle on both sides, That will work for this project. Now I used small drill bit (2 mm.) and drill in to quartz slowly and add some water when drilling, it will not get too hot and the drill bit will work better. I drill 2 holes. Then I strip the small wire to use the copper inside and use soldering iron to the wires attach to the solar panel and bend the copper wire to 90 degree of the solar panel. Now I attach the solar panel to the quartz by using all purpose glue. After it dry, I strip the thicker wire (2 mm.) to get the copper wire. Because to more stiff and easy to adjust to the point ,that I want for the plane to look. I need 2 wires about 12 centimeters long. Next I bend the copper wire into the curve at both ends make it straight. The shorter end will goes inside the plane and the longer one will go inside the quartz (make sure that the copper is longer than the quartz thickness.

Step 3: Conect All the Wires

Almost done. Next I put 2 copper wires through the 2 small holes at the wing area. Then a weld by using soldering iron to the wires and to the copper wires and wrap electrical tape around the copper wires. So the coppers wires will not contact to each other. Next I place 2 copper wires into the 2 holes on the quartz base and wrap the small copper wires from the solar panel around the copper wire shaft that attach to the plane. The last thing I did is to paint the landing gears white, to make it look more realistic. Now you place the show piece on top of the desk by facing the plane’s propeller toward you and the solar panel is at the back side. So just wait for the sun’s light. It’s good to looks at when relaxing while working.

Step 4:

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