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This robot can help us to clean our solar panels on a daily basis, It will use little amount of water harvested from rain and convert that water at the time of cleaning in to mist. The high speed moving roller will remove the hard dust particles from the surface. Vertical and horizontal movement will be carried out by a special fabricated trolley which will move the robot horizontally. A solar panel is fitted on the top of the robot, which helps the robot to make it a sustainable machine. If we clean our solar panels on regular basis than through out the month we would be 30% more efficient in saving energy. Working: This robot will be controlled by a micro controller which will come in to action at 5 Am and will start cleaning the solar panel. It uses mist form of water to save water consumption and clean the surface of solar panel in a proper way. A moving trolley is to be fabricated according to the size of panel which will move the robot vertically and horizontally, I am working on trolley design so will soon publish that as well. Whole robot works on the energy generated by solar panel . Thank you