Introduction: Rim Light for Bicycle --- With Solar Charging

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Hi everyone. I am Sahas Chitlange aging 15 from INDIA . Here's my new weekend project.

SOLAR Rim Light for Bicycle --- with Solar charging

have you ever thought of adding a beautiful effect of rim light to your bicycle?? This is the system i made with which you can add a rim light giving you a effect which catches everyone's eye!

I had recently repaired a hand operated lamp and was left with a 3.6V battery 600 mah capacity. Now what was to be done with the battery?? An idea of RIM LIGHT FOR BICYCLE with solar charging flashed to my mind. I began with a list of features to be added whiich is listed below . The features of the rim light system:





I have added the solar charging facility so that there is no headache to keep a watch on battery charging.

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Materials used for the project are

1) Basic electronic tools like solder iron , hot glue etc

2) 6 Red colour LEDs

3) Six 33 Ohms resistors

4) Few feets wire

5) solar panel 3.6 V approx or more

6) one 3.6 V battery

Step 2: Attach the Battery

First clean the spokes of the wheel so that solder attaches nicely to rim (next step)

With the help of hot glue and cable ties attach the battery to the wheel inner body so that wheel rotates without obstacles from battery. Attach the battery lowermost so that it experiences less centripetal force when wheel rotates.

Step 3: Solder the -ve (gnd) of Battery to the Spoke.

Solder the -ve (gnd) of battery to the spoke. The spoke here will serve as chasis ground means the negative wire. this helps to save wires and efficient designing is possible.

Step 4: Solder the LEDs and Resistors

The photos are self explanatory. remember to add a switch between the battery and leds.

Step 5: Add the Solar Panel.

Add the solar panel with a IN4007 diode between the solar and battery which prevents reverse flow of current.

Step 6: Check Every Thing

Make sure everything;s allright . Panel is firm etc etc,

Step 7: READY TO GO !!!!!!

Enjoy night rides with the rim light. BYE .

All suggestions and welcomed. do comment and like

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