Introduction: SQUIRREL! (Scratch Game)

You will just need scratch. Squirrel is a game where you are a dog that is chasing a squirrel and you try to get is 10 times. It also has an option for controls, for mobile devices.

Step 1: Create the Sprites

Click the little dog face in the corner, and select a dog. Click the dog face again, and select the upload button and upload a picture of a squirrel.

Step 2: Editing the Squirrel

Use the eraser tool to get rid of the white background, and make the squirrel size 20.

Step 3: Beginning the Coding

Make sure you’re on the right sprite when coding each one.

Step 4: Making the Game Winnable

Create a new variable and name it Score also create a variable to use when you get the squirrel. When you choose the color, use the color picker to select the middle of the squirrel. Use the variable for in the squirrel sprite as shown. I messed up in the image, you have to put a forever block around the if thoughts color part.

Step 5: For People on Mobile

Create arrows using the already made sprites. Copy the individual arrows in the costumes and paste them in to 4 separate sprites. Have them each broadcast a different message. Have each message match with what direction each arrow would make the dog go. Then in the dog’s coding, use the when receive message block to make the dog move. Since you have to tap, the dog moves faster then on computer. Look at the image.

Step 6: Victory Page

Create a New Sprite, and draw whatever you want want your screen to look like when you win.Create a new variable. Use that variable in the block where if the score equals 10, broadcast that message. When each part of the game that is showing receives the message, hide it. Make sure at when the green flag is clicked, the dog and the squirrel show

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