SR-MINI 10W CREE LED Podlamp for Toyota Install Guide

Introduction: SR-MINI 10W CREE LED Podlamp for Toyota Install Guide

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This tutorial will show you how to assemble the SR-MINI 10W high powered CREE LED pod lights with the included metal mounting bracket, made to fit most Toyota and Lexus models that come equipped with factory fog lights. The holes of our specially designed metal mounting brackets line up exactly the same way as the stock fog lights, which allows you to easily mount the SR-MINI LED pod lights onto your bumper or bezel cover. The pictures of this guide will use the 2014 Toyota Tundra as an example to mount the SR-MINI LED pod lamps.

Step 1: Remove Your Factory Fog Lamp.

Unscrew the bolt(s) to fully take apart your stock fog light from the bezel.

Step 2: Secure the Metal Mounting Bracket to the Bezel.

Place the prongs through the two slots and screw in the bolt on the other side of the bezel.

Step 3: Put Together the SR-MINI LED Pod Light.

Route the shorter bolt through the U-shaped bracket as you see in the picture. Insert the U-bracket to align with the holes, run the longer bolt through and secure the connection with a nut.

Step 4: Mount the SR-MINI LED Pod Light Onto the Metal Supporting Bracket.

Run the bolt through the center opening of the mounting bracket. Secure the connection with a washer and nut to complete the assembly.

If the SR-MINI LED pod light doesn't fit in the middle of the bezel opening, try rotating the podlight 180 degrees. You can also move the SR-MINI LED pod lamp horizontally by adjusting the screw in the back. Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side.

Step 5: Closing Instructions

Connect the wires to the existing fog light harness. Test to make sure it lights up. Once it does, close up any parts you have disassembled such as the wheel well. You can now enjoy your Toyota's new SR-MINI LED pod lights!

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