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In this Instructable the makeing of a stainless steel muffler tip made from a recycled water canister/thermos

Step 1: Deciding on Placment

The appearance of an aftermarket muffler tip that will not rust and costs you under 3 dollars.

You have 2 options when you make this muffler tip, the opening of the bottle may not be big enough to slide onto your existing muffler, so an addition cut may be needed on the top of the canister.
If no cut on the top end are needed it will be one less step. 
Also Depends on the direction of use for the canister.
Try and select a reusable water can that will only need one cut.

Materials needed for this Instructable are as follows: 
  -A stainless steel reusable water container,thermos.
  -Angle grinder with a cut off disk
  -Drill/Drillpress and drill bits 
  -Permanent marker
  -Bolts your choice on size (1-3)
  -Metal file (optional) 
  -Metal Punch (optional)
  -Mitre block (optional)

Note: In this picture the water canisters top is facing outward. Only one cut was done. 

Step 2: Cutting

Take the lid off your canister and look inside. Most canisters have a bottom that is inserted and this creates a line on the inside of the canister allowing your judgment of how big your cut from the bottom of the can is.
When decided on your cut use a pice of card stock paper, cardboard,cardboard tube to guide you toward a straight line to cut on.
Use your angle grinder and don`t forget your safety glasses and cut all the way around on your line. 
use a mitre block to hold the canister in place while cutting, a vice will work too or the ground aslong as there is something to protect it from scratches while cutting.
If you are making 2 cuts on your canister, your judgement will be needed as where else you are cutting. 
You can use a metal file if needed to clean up the edges

Step 3: Drilling & Fitting

You can fit your canister onto your muffler to decide where is good for placement of screws. Mark it and take it back to drill.
Drill your holes and fit your screws in (1-3 )
Take it back to your muffler and place on and adjust the screws until snug. 
A metal punch can be used to widen the diameter of the hole for bolts

You can use a blow torch and heat the end to change the color of the stainless steel, use your cutoffs for test pieces if you are unsure on how it will look. 

Each water canister will have a different look, choose wisely 

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