Introduction: SSCB-11

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My christmas gift to you all :) 
Alright, this is my new compact bullpup. This one is called the "Seleziona's Slingshot Compact Bullpup 2011". So yeah this is a slingshot. So do you want to know why i made such a different gun? I did this because so many people are saying stuff about how we don't have anything really innovative any more. So I made a bullpup slingshot! With a magazine!! So yeah, this isn't your average slingshot, it does have a ratchet, but way behind the handle. And it has a grey connector magazine! The only thing I couldn't incorporate was a removable magazine, i couldn't because (if you make the gun you'll see) the trigger takes up a lot of the inside of the gun. If i wanted to make good removable mags, I would have to make an ugly 7 layer gun. This gun also uses almost the entire stock for the shooting area or whatever, so that makes it compact. So yeah, here's something new :) Oh, it shoots grey connectors.

looks good....?
good range (expected from a slingshot)
cool sights
cool overall :)

loading the gun takes a little bit to master, and do quickly
you have to do a few things inverted on the instructable if you're right handed :(

That's it! I hope that wrapped it all up, and I hope you build!
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Step 1: Top Rail

This is the top rail. it keeps the bullets from flying out of the magazine, and keeps the bullet down a stable path.

Step 2: The Rest of the Gun

Well, this is the rest of the gun. I tried to divide it up, but i couldn't, so I put the rest of the gun in one step! Better get building! And sorry for some of the bad quality pics :(


Step 3: Building + Banding

Title speaks for itself! You're almost done!

Step 4: Loading

Loading the gun is a trick. It takes practice, but if mastered, you can load it quite fast. (one bullet every 5 seconds is about the fastest I can load it) Well, good luck, and if you have skinny elastics, this step will be a LOT easier. This step shows you how to use the secret bullet storage.

Alright, I'm going to try and explain this. If you need extra help, please private message me. Okay, here goes. Build the things in the first five pics. Now, if you have elastics on your gun, you will need to pull the mag push out, and put it in the mag push holder. Put about 6 grey connectors in, rounded end to the front of the gun. If you have them in you will need to take the mag push, and put it in the magazine. Now, to cock the gun, you will need to pull the big elastic on the front of the gun with two fingers back. There is a trick you must do, and something you must never let happen. When pulling it back, right before the elastic reaches the bullet, use your thumbs to push down lightly on the top rail. this should keep the bullet from going too far back, or forward. Now slide the elastic on the top of the top rail, so the elastic goes by the grey connector smoothly. Then you hook the band on the ratchet and push it back. Now pull the trigger! This long paragraph may seem hard to do, but it's actually not. The things you must never let happen is let the bullet go back so it touches the ratchet (this can't happen if you're pushing down lightly on the top rail) and you cant let the bullet somehow pop out of its' place and go in front of where the bullets come up. If you do let that happen, get that connector out, or if you don't, when you shoot the bullet it will break the grey connector in half. (Yes, it has happened to me)

To use the secret bullet storage, just follow the last six pictures. 

If you built, then thank you! And if you need more help with anything, just ask me!

Step 5: Break!

The break is at the end this time! Well, After all that building, you should relax. Have a nice cup of hot chocolate!