Introduction: SSCG P:1 the Super Secret Penguin Piggy Bank Compartment Guaranteed

Why do we need secret compartments? To keep things secret! So that's why I'm going to make this series on SUPER SECRET COMPARTMENTS GUARANTEED. We need secret compartments to keep money away from burglers (or to hide things we've destroyed ) So were's the least place someone would look for a hidden thing? Were everybody puts (hides) money. Yes! A piggy bank. So this instructables is about how to make a secret compartment in your piggy bank. I hope you enjoy it!


1.A piggy bank. (It can be a penguin piggy bank like mine or any other type of piggy bank.)
2. Some paints.(I used black, white, and yellow paints. (Because mine is a penguin piggy bank.)
3. Scissors.
4. Carton.
{I tried to use materials everyone can find easily.}

Step 1: Paint the Piggy Bank! (OPTIONAL)

Pick up the paints and start painting! {You can use any type of paints, I use acrylic paint.} You can use any color and personalize it as you like. The point of painting the piggy pank is that burglers won't see that the piggy bank is empty. (Because my piggy bank was transparent.) I'll explain why later. You can also paint the piggy bank as decoration It's on your choice.

Step 2: Making the Compartment.

Now you get the pice of carton and cut in the form of the place where you stuff the money. You paint it the color of the rest (As a camouflage). Cut a line in the center of the carton (Where burglers will think is the same line where the money is stuffed).

Step 3: Placing the Compartment.

Now you get the piece of carton and place it in the place that you use to stuff the money.

Step 4: ENJOY! (And Read Other Instructables on This Series)

Stuff your money in a super secret compartment. (Or something you destroyed and want to hide). Enjoy your new super secret compartment.

Step 5: Bla, Bla, Bla...

Youtubers do this all the time so I asked myself why instructablers do not. So... If you have any questions or suggestions please comment. And if you liked this instructables please,please, please... vote. Thanks to everyone... Coming NEXXXT: Part 2,3 and 4.

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