Introduction: STAI Table

About: Eng. in Innovation and Design

The STAI project is a cute and useful coffee table for your living room, thanks to its mobile cover you can store your favorite cups or tablecloths to avoid dust or just leave something on the open shelf. The most amazing part is when the lights go out, because there´s a led light system beneath those beautiful stained glasses that will light your house in an incredible way.

Let´s see how we made it...

Teamwork project: the STAI stands for Sofía, Tania, Alma and Isabel.

Step 1: Prepare the Material

Step 2: Planning Wood

Step 3: Rectify the Material

Step 4: Select the Wood Grain Direction

Step 5: Wood Assembly

Step 6: Apply Pressure So the Wood Assembly Stays in Place


Step 8: Sand Each Piece

Step 9: Laser Engraving

Step 10: Join the Pieces That Forms the Upper Body (top)

Step 11: Join the Lower Body Pieces (base)

Step 12: Try to Fit the Upper Body With the Lower Body and Adjust If It´s Necessary.

Step 13: Stick the Upper With the Lower Body and Apply Pressure.

Step 14: Place the Table Frame

Step 15: Apply Sealer.

Step 16: Assemble the Mobile Part of the Upper Body and Apply Sealer.

Step 17: 3D Printing

Step 18: Decorate the 3D Printed Piece

Step 19: Using Led Lights, Stick Them to the Mobile Part of the Upper Body and Make the Electric Connection.

Step 20: Stained Glass Process

Step 21: Join the Stained Glass and the 3D Printed Piece to the Mobile Part of the Table With Silicone.

Step 22: Final Look

Step 23: Lights Out!