• Steel is used extensively in the products, infrastructure, vehicles and buildings all around us. In architecture, the design, detailing and general understanding of its properties often fall short of its full potential. In this assignment we learned about steel as a construction material, it's basic properties and associated fabrication processes through research, lectures/shop tours, and hands-on making exercises.
  • I made a 3D matrix of steel which was my first step towards learning steel fabrication.

Step 1: Material

I used 3/16" thick 1" square steel tube section for making the 3D matrix.

Step 2: Cutting

  • Steel tubes were cut using the horizontal band saw at 45 degree angle on one side.
  • six similar pieces were cut to form a 3D assembly.

Step 3: TIG Welding

  • Parts were welded together as per the design by using TIG weld.