Introduction: STENCIL BAGS

HEY, it is Marisol Mann!!!

Today we are going to make a stencil bag. Making a stencil bag is easy and fun, especially when you are making it with your family. Below, I have added steps on how to make a wonderful and colorful stencil bag, I hope you enjoy it.

What you need to buy are stencils, fabric markers, sharpies, tape, and last but not least canvas bags. You can purchase all these items at Michaels, JOANN Fabrics and Crafts, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree or Amazon.

The problems I ran into included, not using tape to keep the stencil in place and not using cardboard which caused the paint or markers to bleed through. Be sure to follow the steps below to avoid any problems.




What you are going to need:

  1. Stencils (any design or pattern)
  2. Canvas bag(s)
  3. Iron & iron board (so you can get the wrinkles out)
  4. Fabric markers or colored sharpies
  5. Acrylic paints (optional)
  6. Textile Medium (optional if using acrylic paint)
  7. Cardboard (to put inside the bag where ever you want it so the color doesn't bleed through)
  8. Tape (optional also so you can tape down the stencil so you can color the stencil in)


The first step you need to do is grab one of the canvas bags and cut off the tag. Usually, the bags are wrinkly so I recommend ironing it before decorating or designing it. Be sure to iron both the front and the back.


Once the bag has been ironed put the bag on a table. Then place the cardboard inside the bag. This step will protect the color from bleeding through. Next, choose a stencil and tape the edges so it stays in place when coloring the bag.

Now for the fun and enjoyable part! Using the colors of your choice, start coloring or painting the inside of the stencil. You can use as many stencils as you want. You may do both sides of the bag if you desire to. If you want to do both sides, be sure that the first side of the bag has dried before starting the backside.


When you are done painting your bag be sure to iron both sides again, this time placing a pillowcase over the design. Make sure when you are done using the stencil to wash it. After ironing with the pillowcase over the designs, you are now done and it should be beautiful!

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